Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stephen "Wrath of" Kaaaahhhhn

Today, I took a already mistaken topic on Lookout Landing and derailed it further. How much worse could a bad joke get? The answer: much, much worse.

Suggestions for this list are welcome. So are comments of "You've totally lost it, Deanna."

Top Ten Bad "Stephen Kahn" Jokes I'm Saving For Our Future Closer

10. Kahn-dominium -- like most prospects, buy now, and resell later at a higher value

9. Star Kahn 2 (aka "The Ur-Kahn Master") -- galactic domination, as long as your galaxy is the AL West

8. Kahn-ji, or perhaps Kata-Kahn-a, which is useful for communicating with Japanese players.

7. Gen Kahn, for when you really want to get your game on

6. Kahn Air

5. /etc/Kahn.daily, because he'll be ready to go every day

4. Istanbul, not Kahn-stantinople -- that's nobody's business but the Turks.

3. Kahn-or McLeod. There can be only won!

2. Sean Kahn-ery -- I'll take "Potent Prospects" for 200, Alex

1. "WRATH OF KAHN" displayed on big board when he comes out, opposing teams yell "KAAAAAAAAHN!" as he foils them in the 9th.

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