Monday, July 04, 2005

Things happen sometimes

Holy shit, Bret Boone was DFA'ed.

I think this is a great thing, but I personally was never a Boone fan. Maybe I'll pick up one of his t-shirts for $5 after he's gone, though.

Snelling was called up! I bet DMZ is going to explode.

In an article titled "Ibanez provides leadership", Ichiro is quoted as saying the following:

Ichiro did have an afterthought on Monday regarding the skills competition during All-Star Weekend.

"If they asked me to be in a bunting contest, I would say yes," Ichiro said.

I've been to four baseball games in the last week, but they were all in New York, so I'm not sure what to say about the Mariners. Dontrelle Willis pitched for the Marlins against the Mets yesterday, and he scares me. And today's Yankees-Orioles game was a slugfest of immense proportions, led by the power bat of Jason Giambi.

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