Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mariner Morning Woes

Sometimes it's weird to wake up, come to work, find there's all this crap you have to work on, stuff to finish, code to debug, and then... and then, you look at the Mariners site to see how they're doing in their game that started at 9:37am PDT (!), which is 8 minutes before you arrived at work. And Joel Pineiro is already down 5-0. And suddenly, your work morning doesn't seem nearly as bad.

Heck, I looked at the Mets game scoreboard, as I often do lately, and they won 12-0! With Kazuhisa Ishii starting against Jake Peavy, even. Will wonders ever cease? True to form, Ishii did walk 5 and strike out 3 in 6 innings -- but he didn't give up a run. Peavy gave up more runs than he ever has in a single outing this year; heck, he gave up as many runs today as he did in all of April. And poor Paul Quantrill must be wondering how he ended up there, off the Yankees, and how he keeps managing to have the awful luck to not only be pitching against the Mets, but sucking against the Mets. In four games this year against them his ERA is now a whopping 12.35. Ouch.

The Mets outscored San Diego 22-4 in a three-game sweep. It's almost like the Padres decided to give up and take a break in the muggy New York heat for a few days.

The Mariners were outscored by the Blue Jays 27-17 in a three-game sweep. The Blue Jays are now one game over .500 for the effort. Some Mariners have managed to pad their batting averages a bit (or in the case of one Michael Morse, axed his fielding percentage). But no, we did not lie down and calmly take our losses. Oh, we threatened from time to time to run from the gaping maw of defeat, but then we comfortably slid back down into our dugout of despair.

Fortunately, we head to Cleveland next, who have dropped 11 of their last 14 games. In other words, they suck almost as much as we do. The formerly-shining Aaron Sele will pitch against my former Phillies hero Kevin Millwood on Sunday. That's gonna be an ugly game, just like Sele vs. Lilly (but it doesn't rhyme as nicely). I predict Snelling getting both a start and several good smacks on the ball.

Top Ten Reasons To Like The Mariners, even though they SUCK:

10. Stitch'n'Pitch Night at Safeco Field

"Bring your projects to the game, get help from the experts, view the latest samples from your area yarn shops and meet other knitters all while enjoying Mariners Baseball."

I just got email about this since I'm on the Mariners mailing list. How cool is that? It's next Thursday, July 28... I was thinking of going to that game anyway.

Pacific Fabrics says that if we get tickets from their stores, we also get a free Stitch'n'Pitch t-shirt.

So cool! I hope I can find other people to go with me. For once I might actually attend a baseball game with some of my *female* friends. That would be all realms of awesome. Sadly, my female friends who knit and like baseball mostly live in other cities.

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