Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Foto: Soukeisen

Actually, this is just me being too tired to write ANYTHING about the four games I attended this weekend, where Waseda won both of the Soukeisen games (6-2 and 4-2) and Yakult won on Saturday night 3-2 but the Giants won on Sunday night 6-2.

This is my favorite photo I took all weekend:

Waseda's Shota Sugiyama slides headfirst into 3rd base for a triple. It's really rare to see a headslide from the "oh my god he's flying towards us!" perspective!


Shin said...

And Yakult wins the series 2-1 to set a meeting with Chunichi! Sooo glad to see the Giants lose.

Btw, our Hara Koshien still in-tact?

Deanna said...

You mean to go to Senbatsu?

I don't know. I still have to find out what is up with my job... and I'll have to see the schedule for other things like pro and college ball.

But in my mind I am *planning* to go to Senbatsu, yes.

Shin said...

Lool, must be the Giants news and Sugano just beneath this blog post made me said hara instead of haru.

I'm 99% going (well, 100 if u confirmed). Around when do you think u can confirm it?

It'd be much better to have some baseball freak like u around than watching alone or something.

Deanna said...

Probably in about a month or so... once I actually start my job and get a better idea what my ability to just duck out and go to Japan will be like. When do you need to know by for your planning?

Shin said...

Hoping I can get 2 weeks off, so I suppose the earlier the better...hmm...maybe mid-Jan if possible, so I guess we should know before then if you said a month to find out how "duck"ly your new job will be.

Match draw wont happen until like a week or so before the tournament, so I dunno how good we can plan it though (as in if we go from opening day or few days into the tournament...etc)

Well, I guess all will rest on the status with u and ur new company.

Keep me posted.

And Chunichi won game 1 2-1...who are u rooting for? I know u got a thing for Morino, but u do see a lot of Swallows game at Jingu too.

Deanna said...

Yeah, I watched the game from a baseball izakaya in downtown Tokyo. I go back to the USA tomorrow. I'm rooting for Yakult this year, but yeah, I still have a thing for Morino-kun.

I also need to see the NPB schedule for next year... if it's going to work out to see lots of different baseball at once in two weeks then I'll do it. Are you thinking to do Tokyo and Osaka too for your trip?

Shin said...

Well, my Hawks is through to the Japan Series (finally!!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!), so whoever gets there...we'll stomp right over them....although Akiyama needs to stop using Cabrera anymore...if it wasn't for him Sugiuchi wouldn't be crying after he gave up the run in the 10th.

I aint sure yet if I am able to do Tokyo + Osaka. I know I can get 1 week of holiday for sure, but a second week we'll need to see. But it's not that big a possibility even if I can get 2 weeks, unless we're going on the 3-4th day of the tournament.

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