Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake off the coast of Miyagi

Being reported anywhere from 7.9 to 8.8 magnitude.

I've been watching the Japanese TV feed over, thanks to Ken for the link. It's pretty crazy. I'm really glad I'm not there... and really worried for my friends.

(Well, though, I'm GOING back to Japan in 5 days... and staying at my old house... hopefully it hasn't collapsed... I've been in Seattle for 2 months, I'm in the process of moving back to the US.)

I was going to make a post about the Kamagaya Festival that's going to take place on March 12 -- which is tomorrow in Japan -- but since Chiba prefecture got hit pretty hard by the earthquake (an oil refinery exploded, some power plans are down, and most of the coastline is flooded) I have no idea whether they're still planning to hold it.
EDIT> Kamagaya cancelled everything for the weekend -- the festival is completely cancelled as are the games on Saturday and Sunday.

Either way, if you read my blog and you are in Japan, please let me know that you are okay and if there's anything I can do to help.

EDIT> Jason Coskrey was at Yokohama when the earthquake hit.

All open-sen games are cancelled on Saturday.

I've managed to get in touch with most of my friends in Japan; most are shaken but not hurt (literally).

Still not sure if I'll be able to actually LAND THERE on Wednesday though...


westbaystars said...

OK in Yokohama. Hope to see you when you get here.

Nate said...

I'm okay in Western Tokyo.

Shin said...

Hope everyone's ok and safe. Best wishes to all of you out there.

Seems like Koshien will continue as scheduled even with this tragic event.

megan said...

If you are in Seattle, Comcast channel 245 is Japan TV as well...