Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Get To Baystars Kyujo

(This is not actually where the Baystars minor league team plays the majority of their games, but they do play the Futures games here and they have practice days and some games against industrial league and whatnot -- also this is where the player dorms are.)

I went here to try to tag Kagami, but it turned out I was way too late, I arrived around 1pm and the practice was 10am-12pm. Oops. I saw a few players, but the rookies had returned to the dorm. I'm going back on Sunday (skipping the Fighters thing, I think... it's just going to be a madhouse).

Anyway, here's the map on the Baystars site. They suggest either JR Taura station or Keikyu Anjinzuka station. I am going to endorse Anjinzuka just because it takes a lot longer for me to get to Taura. Not that I can get there in under 90 minutes from my station anyway, but still.

Also, Taura involves walking through tunnels, but Anjinzuka doesn't.

Coming from Anjinzuka:

They have this map outside the station. It's pretty accurate.

Start up the street with the Koban on your right.

You'll see this crosswalk a (long) block or so up. You'll need to cross it -- and have to be on the right side of the street for it, too. You can see the stadium once you're on top of the crosswalk.

Go over the JR railroad tracks. (Call this picture "JR Railroad Tracks" for the Taura directions.)

Continue up the street. There is a swimming pool on your right.

Hooray! You're there! BUT.. DON'T GO IN HERE.
This is actually the kankeisha entrance, for players and staff. I went in by accident and realized pretty quickly that I was in the WRONG FREAKING PLACE. Oops.

Instead, keep going up the block, past the nursery school.

You'll see two gates like this. Go in the right side, towards the stands and dugout and all. The left will put you in kankeisha area, or worse, in the military base thingy or whatever the next-door building is.

From Taura Station:

Exit the south exit of the station. It should put you on a road that looks like this. Turn LEFT at this intersection.

About a block up you'll see a short tunnel. Go through it.

When you get out, you see about one more block of walking before you go into another tunnel...

This one is LONG and dark. I did not like walking through it, plus bikes kept having to stop to go past me.

When you get out of the second tunnel, you'll have about a block to walk before you get to that big blue sign with arrows. Turn left there, for "Nagaura Port".

At this point you're at the same place as "JR Railroad Tracks" in the Anjinzuka directions, so just continue up that road and don't go in the wrong entrance.

The stadium itself is not so exciting. There are some bleachers behind home plate and a few benches on the side and that's pretty much it. And you're not supposed to actually go in towards the players' dorms or the inner buildings or anything, so if you're there to stalk players, hopefully you'll see some of them coming out to the parking lot.

I still haven't been to Yokosuka Stadium, oddly -- I've been to Sagamihara a few times but never managed to get to the Searex actual home turf. Whoops.

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