Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Picture Is Worth 2008 Words

Happy New Year 2009, everyone. May you all spend as much time watching baseball as possible. I certainly did:

77 games attended, between minors, majors, college ball, etc.

Fighters games: 26 (counting minors)
Marines games: 20 (also counting minors)
Baystars games: 15 (but I only cheered for them at 11)
Dragons games: 8 (and I only cheered for them at 6)

...Carp games: 1 (in Hiroshima. Man, I seriously neglected them)

Pitcher I saw start the most often: Lotte's Shunsuke Watanabe, 8 times
Runner-up: 5 times, Fighters' Ryan Glynn.

(Technically, Kazuhito Tadano and Shaggy Shugo Fujii and Hiro-chan Kobayashi were also 5 but due to split-squad and rainouts, I'm not counting them)

Number of different stadiums: 17
Teams I saw home games of: 12/12 (yes, every major-league team in Japan)
Stadium I went to the most: Tokyo Dome, 17 games
1st Base side: 22 games
3rd Base side: 50 games
Neither: 5 games. Yeah.

Days of week:
Sunday: 30 games
Monday: 20 games
Tuesday: 5 games
Wednedsay: 8 games
Thursday: 3 games
Friday: 7 games
Saturday: 4 games

Which makes sense, given that I had Sunday/Monday weekends.

42 day games, 35 night games.

There's certainly more stats I could pull out of this, I'm sure.

I wonder if I'll go to MORE games in 2009 or not. It's kind of a scary thought, isn't it?

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