Saturday, August 02, 2008

NPB All-Star Game, Part 2: Yokohama

The Pacific League out-homered the Central League 4 to 1 in the second game of the All-Star Series, but the Central League completely clobbered Yoshihisa Naruse and the other PL pitchers to win the game 11-6. Despite Yokohama's Seiichi Uchikawa, whose birthday is Sunday, getting 4 hits in a row (and 5 overall to tie a record set by none other than Ichiro), the MVP of the game was Chunichi's Masahiro Araki. I don't really understand why, and he also seemed pretty surprised, but it's a nice sendoff to the Olympics, at least.

I know that Lisa went to the game, so she should have a post up soon about it, I hope. Marines outfielder Shoitsu Ohmatsu, who has been blasting homeruns left and right (mostly right) anyway, blasted two more during this game.

English articles: Daily Yomiuri, Asahi Shinbun, Japanball

And, in case you are wondering, this is what Hichori did this year:

(image from Hochi sports)

Yeah, apparently this year's gag was to dress upside down. I saw the TV highlights and before the game they apparently asked him "So, what's your performance this year?" and he said "Well, you'll just have to wait to find out!" Then he came out with the starting lineups, wearing an upside-down outfit -- it looked like he was walking on his hands, but really, he had a fake head under, and shoes on his hands and all. I have no clue how he could see with his head in the middle of his pants, but hey, he's Hichori, he can do anything. Articles about it in Japanese here and here.

All-Star Game Part 3 is actually tonight in Yamagata, where the minor league all-stars will play, but I'm not sure how much will be out about that. Then tomorrow I get to head to Sendai to see the Fighters. It's Inaba's birthday but he won't be there, but that's okay because I get to see KAZUHITO TADANO! Then Monday, I'm going to Yokohama to see the Baystars vs. Tigers, for the aforementioned Uchikawa's birthday! I decided it wasn't such a great idea to risk heatstroke in Koshien; I'll watch the games on TV. I think I will go to Osaka for a weekend in mid-late September, actually.

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