Saturday, November 24, 2007

Joe Kennedy, 1979-2007

It sounds like a bad punchline to something, but it's not: Joe Kennedy is dead. How completely shocking and sad.

I didn't even realize he had left the A's. No, seriously. It apparently happened during that month after I moved to Japan but still didn't have internet.

I'll best remember Joe as one of the easiest guys to spot in the Safeco bullpen (I could always tell he was warming up from my seat in the upper deck, because a gigantic lefty is pretty easy to recognize).

They don't know exactly how he died yet -- possibly either a heart attack or an aneurysm -- but he was only 28 years old. 28 years old! Also, he leaves behind a pregnant wife and a 1-year-old son. And to think it happened during Thanksgiving, too -- I had something similar happen during Thanksgiving 9 years ago, when my stepfather had a heart attack the night before. He lived, but we were all pretty freaked out at the time, so I can't even imagine how sad Kennedy's family must be right now. Argh.

In other losses for the A's fanbase, Marco Scutaro was traded to Toronto. Dang, that's pretty weird. I always loved seeing Marco at batting practice and he always made me laugh.

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