Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fighting and Biting (short takes)

1) God knows why, but The Fighters are actually posting Iriki. [english] I suppose the pitching staff isn't screwed up enough already? The worst part is -- I think an MLB club would be nuts to actually put Iriki out there pitching, let alone pay the posting fee for him. He's like Masao Kida, only even more mediocre. 33 years old, spent most of 2003 and 2004 either on farm teams or out injured with hamstring problems. I'll be astounded if anyone actually bids for him, but he has stated that he would "regret not attempting to go to MLB". Sometimes I wonder whether "playing in AAA for a few years" really equates to "living out my dream to play in the MLB" for these guys?

(I did learn from the article that Tetsu Yofu, formerly of the then-Daiei Hawks, pitched a no-hitter at AAA Charlotte in 2004, though. That is pretty cool.)

EDIT> It is unclear whether Iriki is actually being posted or being released -- I'm under the impression that the media is still calling it "posting" because he had to go to the team to get them to grant him permission to come over here, but I don't think they're taking bids -- he can just negotiate with whoever he wants.

2) I went to try out Tat's Deli today, which is down on Occidental street, pretty much exactly halfway between where I work and Safeco Field. They supposedly have special hours and deals for Seahawks and Mariners game days. A review said something like "So authentic that Philly ex-pats weep at the first bite."

Let me tell you something. Philly ex-pats weep at the first bite because they can't believe they just spent 14 bucks for this pile of crap. The sandwich I got today would cost me about $5-6 tops in Philly, plus the bread would be real, the cheese would be on the inside instead of the outside, the sandwich wouldn't fucking fall apart, and most of all, I could get birch beer with it.

A friend of mine from Philly says, "Oh, yeah. Their cheesesteaks suck. The hoagies are good, though."

3) Colletti introduced as new GM of Dodgers. As you can guess, I thought it'd be pretty cool if Kim Ng got the job, but, ah well.

4) (edited in later) Mike Cameron to the Padres for Xavier Nady. AWESOME! We'll get to see Cameron play a lot more that way. In an unrelated note, Denny's restaurants all over San Diego are serving a new breakfast special called "Moon Over Mike Cammy".

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