Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Postseason Predictions

Okay. This is the real post. This post will not get deleted, edited, or anything else. I ran more numbers tonight, and rather than just factoring in the pitching and the overall team records, I factored in hitters and stuff.

And then you know what I did? I threw it all out the window, and decided to make a prediction post based on what I *want* to happen, even if it's not what I think will happen.

Fightin' Erstads beat the New York Slytherins in 5
Curse of the Gandils beat the Uncursed Bambinos in 5
Tony's Kids beat Peavy's Rib in 3
Atlanta Zombies beat the Pitchin' Pettites in 5

Joe Jackson's Ghost beats Rally Monkey's Ass in 5
The Carpenters beat the Georgia Satellites in 6

White Sox beat Cardinals in 7. Buck Weaver can finally rest in peace. Tony LaRussa can rest in the offseason. Jason Marquis is this year's Derek Lowe, except he ends up losing. El Dookie still sucks.

Japan Series:
Chiba edges out Softbank in the playoffs, and then eats the Tigers for breakfast. GO MARINES!

I watched tonight's Yankees-Angels game on TV with a friend. Goddamn, Darin Erstad is one scruffy dude. Does he ever shave in the postseason? And Steve Finley looks a lot like how I imagine Chase Utley in 15 years. And "Bubba Crosby", as a name, still does not evoke "tall skinny pale white boy" to me.

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