Saturday, April 02, 2005

J-Ball: Kokubo broke the Java app

I listened to the replay of Michael Westbay's broadcast of yesterday's Hiroshima Carp vs. Yomiuri Giants game, and it got me all excited about this season, so I looked for a webcast of today's game, but alas, all I could find to watch is their Java web app that updates the game. However, amusingly enough, it has a couple errors in it... look at Hiroki Kokubo's first at-bat of the game:

For those that can't read it, that's an INSANE pitch count for one at-bat:

1. Ball (straight 141km)
2. Minogashi (called) strike (sinker 131km)
3. Ball (sinker 132km)
4. Ball (sinker 130km)
5. Foul (sinker 130km)
6. Foul (sinker 131km)
7. Foul (straight 142km)
8. Foul (sinker 133km)
9. Foul (straight 143km)
10. Foul (straight 142km)
11. Foul (slider 116km)
12. Foul (straight 144km)
13. Foul (slider 115km)
14. Foul (sinker 134km)
15. Foul (sinker 134km)

On the 16th pitch he was walked. Oi.

Still, I find it amusing that their stats-stringing program doesn't account for there being more than 9 pitches in an at-bat :) That's precious! They should hire me to fix it.

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