Friday, August 03, 2007

Off the continent in an hour

I get on a plane in an hour to fly to Tokyo. Crazy.

Last night I went to the Aquasox game with some friends up here in Vancouver, after finishing my week of training. It was cool! Greg Halman is awesome! So is Manelik Pimentel! I guess the big deal was Craig Hurba's home run -- it was over a centerfield fence that reminds me of Cheney's, but, still cool. And the Aquasox won in the end, so if that counts as a Mariners game, I'm 17-5 for the year :)

I think the Vancouver Canadians are neat, but they should have red high socks, not blue high socks. Oh yeah, Halman wears high socks. He's so cool.

I only had my little camera, took some pictures, dunno when I'll have net access to post them in Japan.

Sorry I haven't written! I sort of tried to keep up with the Mariners and even saw the ending of that crazy 12-inning game on Wednesday or whenever, but that's about it. Hopefully I'll be going to a Marines-Fighters game on Sunday. I'm pretty psyched.

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