Friday, August 24, 2007

Baseball chips?

I went out to get a snack between classes today, and I had these:

They're actually pretty good for potato chips, and at 84 yen per bag, not a bad deal -- because they also come with two baseball cards. Of course, with my luck, I got an Ogasawara and a Takasu. No, the cards aren't in the bag with the chips, they're attached to the back. I'm sure if you did this in America, kids would just steal the cards without buying the chips, but that doesn't happen here.

It's sort of neat if you think about it -- rather than buying cards and getting some awful bubble gum, you buy chips and get some cool baseball cards. Japan is really great at the whole collectibles business, I think.

I bought my ticket to sit in the outfield cheering section for the Fighters (vs. Lions) game on Sunday! I'm so psyched!

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