Monday, February 04, 2008

古田さんのトレーニング, or, How Furuta Stays in Shape Nowadays

I'd seen the Atsuya Furuta commercials for the Nintendo Wii on TV once or twice, but today while heading home, I was in Ikebukuro station and saw this on the wall and thought, "Hey, I recognize that guy!"

You can see the Furuta WiiFit television commercials on the official Wii site. His are numbers 11, 12, and 16. 16 is undoubtedly the funniest, involving the hula hoop exercise.

But to be honest, if you want to know what Furuta is up to these days besides playing Nintendo Wii games, he's restarted his blog on a non-Swallows site.

While I'm at it, in other things I saw on TV tonight, they had some features around the various Spring training camps. Apparently the foreigners on the Baystars were introduced to the Japanese holiday of Setsubun today, which involves throwing beans to "cast out evil spirits". (I was supposed to celebrate it today, but since it was snowing and freezing cold in Tokyo we decided against it.) They also did the normal tour of showing the young hotshots working out -- it was nice to see some of Rakuten's Hasebe finally, I'm really looking forward to seeing him pitch this year. Saw Kazuhisa Ishii wearing #61 and not looking quite as cool as Seibu's #16, Wakui, who has a trendy but messy hairstyle these days.

But the kicker -- the absolute most awesome thing I saw -- was from the Chiba Lotte Marines spring camp, which is in Yuuta Omine's hometown of Ishigaki. The Marines drafted another guy named Yuuta, Yuuta Shimoshikiryo, in the college/industry draft this past fall. Shimoshikiryo, in addition to having an extremely long name, also has an extremely low release point. As in, he's another submariner. So, he's been working out with Shunsuke Watanabe, and they were interviewed on the news together, where Shunsuke was being funny about having a "lower" classman, and Shimoshikiryo was like "BEST. SEMPAI. EVER."

Bobby Valentine is excited to be back in camp but fortunately does not weigh in on the ugly new Lotte uniforms.

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